Oven Stewed Mexican Chicken

Great for a big dinner party !!!!!

Gluten Free Gus

Mexican Chicken out of the oven

Make Mexican Chicken the day before, the night before two hours before guests arrive….  This colorful (practically one-pot) dish is perfect for summer entertaining.  Marinate it when you have the time; cook it for an hour.  Serve out of the oven or at room temperature, and use leftovers for salad, soup, enchilada filling…. Our Three Brothers’ Guacamole is excellent on the side!

We like Green Olives a la Provencale from Arnaud for this (and pizza, antipasto platters, salads….) But your favorite olives, black or green, will work.  Omit if olives are not in your wheel house.

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About cathalscookbookallergyfree

I am a 36 year old Mum of 3, Jack, Cathal, and Sarah Jane. Cathal has severe food allergies and this blog and webpage aim to help and support parents who find themselves having to cook allergy free meals, as I do on a daily basis.

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