About flours!!!!

Hi everyone, I started using a couple of new flours in the last few months. The 1st one is sorghum flour it give things more of a “wheat flour” texture. It has a very strong flavour and a lot of recipes replace it one for one, it looks really well but the taste is not that appealing. I made cupcakes with a lot of sorghum, my family did not like the taste. I changed the recipe and used sorghum with a mix of flours and it worked great. I will be posting some of the recipes soon.
The second flour is coconut flour it too has a very strong taste and can be very over powering if used on its own or as the main flour. But!!! if it is used in a mix of flours it works really and adds a nice flavour to a recipe. If you have started using a new ingredient for allergy free cooking I would love to hear about it!!! If it works!! Or what you had to do to make it work!!!
Marie xx


About cathalscookbookallergyfree

I am a 36 year old Mum of 3, Jack, Cathal, and Sarah Jane. Cathal has severe food allergies and this blog and webpage aim to help and support parents who find themselves having to cook allergy free meals, as I do on a daily basis.

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